Add new challenges and badges

Daily challenges

With daily challenges, you could earn badges or accumulate a total count on how many times you achieved it. An example can be: Write a 500 words article today.

Weekly challenges

Same as above, but with a one-week timespan. The #2Articles1Week could be also converted to 2 badges:

- Badge 1: Total number of times you have accomplished the challenge. This number will grow indefinitely.

- Badge 2: Longest streak of accomplishing the challenge. This always shows the highest count, but in the background, there is a counter which resets when you fail to do the challenges

Monthly challenges

These can be challenges specific to a certain month like March. I know this is a stupid example and I am pretty sure you can come up with a better one: Write a post about how the start of spring with March affects your daily life. Use the hashtag #march.

Extreme challenges for crazy persons like me

- Post daily for 1 month

- Post daily for 1 year

- Write a 5000 words article

Customized challenges based on your current progress

It is great to have challenges to write an article twice in a week but it would be even better if these challenges would be tailored to your current progress.

Comment Warrior

There could be different levels of this badge or it can have an exact count on it showing how many times you commented on Hashnode. It can be even separated into 2 badges one is for interacting with your readers by commenting on your posts and the other one is for commenting on others' posts.

Article connected challenges

Having my badges on my very own Badges page is great, but what if we would give the chance for our articles to do the same too. The Badge Word Warrior could appear right beside your article to where it really belongs. And of course, there could be much more badges like badges for reaching a certain amount of visitors, badges for reaching a certain amount of interactions, comments.


It is not a challenge, but it would be a cool feature. Based on the time a person spend on reading your articles and based on the number of interactions and comments on your posts a reader can be "promoted" to a fan which could be visible when they are commenting. At the moment I answer to each comment on my posts, but in case my reader base is continuing to grow with the current rate, then there will be a time when I won't be able to answer to all of the comments, but in case I could see a comment is from a fan, then I would give a higher priority to answer them.