Say Hello to the Upgraded Hashnode Mobile App!

Bug FixesImprovements
6 months ago

Hashnode’s mobile app has a completely new look and feel and a major performance improvement. Check it out!

This is a huge update for the Hashnode App. The app just got a redesign with the latest changes from the website. It’s easier and more user-friendly than ever. Some of the changes this release brings are:

Fresh Redesign

  • All the feeds are redesigned to reflect the changes on the web. We have also updated all the icons and fonts for better user accessibility.

  • We have also added Article Circles on the My Feed screen. You can stay updated about the latest content from people you follow.

  • The “Recommended Blogs to Follow” section shows you the top blogs that you follow based on your interest.

  • The “Trending Tags to Follow” section shows you tags getting maximum articles every week. Discover new tags and grow your knowledge.


  • We have added a settings menu to the app. You can now update your profile settings, developer settings, email, and push notification preference right from the app.

  • We have also added account settings to delete your account from the app.

User Rating

  • We have made it easier to rate the app. You can choose to rate from within the app itself.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Bug fixes on Search Screen, logout, notifications, bookmark screen, and blog navbar.

  • A better experience with the enhanced and faster loading time of the blog.

  • Now the images are loading faster and better than before.

  • Updated sharing of articles.

  • Fixed UI inconsistencies on iPad.

As always, we would love to get your feedback. Let us know your experience on the new mobile UI and feature enhancements.