New tools for team blogs, and more! 🎉

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about 2 months ago

Here we come with new features, improvements, and bug fixes! This time we focused more on team blogs and resolving bugs.

Start exploring the new features with your team!

Team Blogs: Owners and editors can publish on behalf of the author or change authors

As requested by the community, in team blogs you can now publish on behalf of an author or change the authors of an article. Previously, owners and editors didn’t have this option, as a result, some authors were posting under other authors’ names.

Here is how you can use this feature on team blogs:

  1. Click the Publish button, the side panel will open

  2. From the Author section, click on Edit Author

  3. Select, or search for, the person who you wish to appear as the author of the article

Yes! You’re now ready to publish with your selected author!

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Uppercase in blog titles:

    Previously there were some limitations on using uppercase in blog titles. That was done to prevent spammy content (you could still use capitals for words like CSS, IPFS, etc) but now we have re-evaluated our system so you can easily use uppercase!

  • A new payment was not showing under Sponsors recent payments, this has now been fixed.

  • Non Latin characters were not supported in domain names. We are now rendering the decoded domain names instead of encoded domain names; which means all characters can be rendered. ex: xn--l2bar.xn--h2brj9c → नमन.भारत

  • And, various other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Coming Up 🚀

Although this changelog was small, trust us, the next one is going to LEGEN…wait for it…DARY.

Among new features and improvements, we are preparing some really exciting stuff for the community.