Hashnode Updates: Create Hashtags, Schedule Posts, and Support for www Subdomain Redirection

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6 months ago

Here are the features and improvements added to Hashnode in our latest release.

  • Create Any Hashtags on the Fly!
    Now you can create new tags on Hashnode on the fly. Check more details here.

  • Schedule Articles

    Now you won’t have to be active at the time to publish your articles. You can pick a future date (up to 6 months) and set the scheduled date. If you decide that you want to remove the scheduling, you can do so and then decide to edit the draft further or set a different scheduling date.

    All of the articles (published and scheduled) can be seen on the dashboard posts page for their posts. This is where you can cancel the scheduling. For now, while an article is scheduled it will be removed from drafts and will not be accessible for editing until published or scheduling is cancelled. You can still visit the preview of the draft while it is scheduled.

  • Post Scheduling Notifications

    We already have a notification on a scheduled article being published to the author.

    New notifications are:

    • Notification to the author for successful scheduling.

    • Successful scheduling notification to other publication admins if it's a team publication.

    • Scheduled article published notification to publication admins if it’s a team publication.

  • Support for www Subdomain Redirection to Apex Domain

    Now you have the option to map and redirect the www subdomain to your primary apex custom domain.

    This works only for apex domains (ex: and not for subdomains (ex:

    When you add a custom domain from Blog Dashboard > Domains page, a prompt will open up to get user’s preference (Note: the prompt will only show up for apex domains as mentioned earlier). User can choose to map the www subdomain as well or only map the primary apex domain.

    If you select the option to also map www subdomain, we will automatically assign an SSL certificate and redirect the www subdomain to primary domain (ex: the above screenshot maps and redirects to If you select, only map apex domain, then the flow is normal as before.

    You will always have the option to map www subdomain anytime from the Blog Dashboard > Domain page. (P.S. Primarily for existing custom domains as this wasn’t available).

    Click Map and Redirect to map the www subdomain and redirect to primary apex domain.

    Once the www subdomain has SSL Cert issued and is ready, the redirect will be effective.

    Users will also need to add the CNAME record with Host as www and value for the www domain to their DNS providers. Instructions are updated to reflect same in the Blog Dashboard > Domain page.

  • At the moment, the www subdomain can only be mapped form Blog Dashboard > Domain. It is not possible to map while adding a custom domain during the onboarding flow (unlock blog) / create team flow. We will add it very soon.

Improvements and Fixes

  • If a navbar item is added as an external link, it gets highlighted correctly if the link matches the URL of an existing page or series.

  • When a deleted comment notification is opened, the page displays an error message now.

  • We also added Scala support for code highlighting.