Hashnode Update: Twitter Connect, Restore Deleted Articles, Newsletter widget

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5 months ago

Here are the features and improvements added to Hashnode in our latest release.

Twitter connect feature with the new followers email

  • Now you can connect your Twitter with Hashnode and see a list of your Twitter friends publishing on Hashnode.

  • Once you connect with Twitter, you should be able to see the Authors who are on Hashnode. You can choose to follow users one by one or all at once.

  • Authors will receive an email every week listing new followers.

New Deleted tab with the ability to restore deleted articles

  • We have introduced a new sub-tab called Deleted to the blog dashboard /dashboard/posts page, where you can find the articles you deleted after publishing.

  • Now you have the ability to restore the deleted article to your blog.

Blog tab on the search page

Now you can search blogs by the title, and relevant blogs will appear on the blog tab.

New sections on the user's Hashnode profile

We have revamped your Hashnode profile and added new sections.

  • "Writes at" widget displays the author's blog and the team blogs.

  • The share button allows you to share the author's profile on Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • "Follows you" will be displayed next to the followers/following count when the author is following you on Hashnode.

Support tab in the editor

When you press the tab, it automatically append two spaces. If you press the tab twice, it creates a code block. You can also select a block of text and move them around (tab moves to the right, shift + tab moves to the left).

Newsletter widget

Now you can find the newsletter widget at the bottom of each article.

Users can subscribe to the author's newsletter after reading the article with one click since the newsletter widget pre-fills the viewer's email if they are logged in.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Enhanced blog search to search article content.

    Before, a user could only see articles in blog search where the keywords occurred in the article’s title. Now we support listing those articles in the blog search where the search keyword matches the article’s content.

  • We fixed the issue of deleted user accounts showing up in the Hashnode community search.

  • Earlier, even if a team blog admin made their team blog page private, their /members page was inconsistently visible on their blog. We have fixed this issue, and now if the team blog is private, the /members page will not be accessible.

  • We have fixed the issue of scheduled articles stuck in the scheduled list without actually being scheduled anymore.

  • Having a publication pinned post was causing the β€˜published’ section in /dashboard/posts to break and only show the first five posts. Now we have fixed this issue by putting the pinned post on top of the list and using pagination correctly.

  • We now show a warning if you are editing a post and try to navigate without saving. This is done to prevent data loss.

  • Page creation on the blog dashboard now has the same editor that is used to write articles and comments.

  • Now we support the <aside> tag in our editor.