Hashnode Update: Import devto Posts as Drafts and Post Creation Page Improvements

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4 months ago

Here are the features and improvements added to Hashnode in our latest release.

Import devto posts as drafts

Earlier we only had the capability to import a single post (via post url) or import all posts (via username) from devto and publish them straightaway. Now you have the ability to import either a single post or multiple posts as drafts.

  • Import a single post (via post url) - Either publish it or import it as draft.

    Enter post url in field below Import single post label and click on Import.

    Click on Import as Draft.

    Wait while the draft is being created.

    On successful draft creation, you will see the post title highlighted and you can visit it now.

Import multiple posts (via username) - A user can select all or only the post they want to publish directly or import as drafts.

Enter your devto username in the field below Import multiple posts label and click on Import.

By default, all the posts are selected.

Select those which you wish to import.

Click on Import as Drafts which will start the process of importing selected posts as drafts.

Your imported drafts will start listing as shown and you can click the post title to visit the draft.

Post creation page improvements

  • Performance improvements on the post creation page with faster load times.

  • Improved draft saving experience with saving the drafts when only the content is changed.

  • Updated header styling.

  • Updated Toolbar styling.

  • Updated loading experience

    Loading skeletons appear as soon as the page loads to let the user know that the article is loading.

Bug Fixes

  • Earlier if a user pasted a bare link in the comments on a blog post, it was not reflected once that comment got posted. We fixed this issue in our latest release.

  • The static pages on a blog didn’t respect the dark theme even when the rest of the blog had the same applied. Now we have fixed this issue.