📝 August 2022, Hashnode Changelog — Revision history, dedicated newsletter page for blogs and more.

New FeatureImprovements
3 months ago

Hello, everyone! We're very excited to introduce a new set of features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. Continue reading to learn more:

Introducing Revision History!

You can view the revision history to see what was changed, when the last revision was made, compare two revisions, and revert to a previous revision if necessary. It was one of the most frequently requested features among Hashnode writers. We're pleased to announce that the Revision history feature is now available to all users. Yay! 💃

The following is how Revision History works:

  1. Start a new draft or return to an existing draft.

  2. Type a few sentences and let the editor save the changes for you.

  3. In the top bar, click the "Revision history" icon.

  4. Go through the revisions and choose the one you want to go back to.

  5. Select "Restore Version." Your draft will be restored to its previous state.

Isn't it helpful? There will be no more data loss when switching from one device to another. Hurray!

Dedicated /newsletter page for all the blogs

If you enabled the Hashnode newsletter feature, you now have a dedicated newsletter page for your subscribers. Historically, newsletter widgets appeared at the top and bottom of the article page. You now have a page dedicated to your subscribers.

This feature is useful when you want to engage with your audience but don't have written content. You can, for example, link to the newsletter page from a YouTube video, Twitter Space, Tweets, and so on.

This page is automatically generated for all blogs. Here's how to toggle this page's visibility in the Blog's navbar.

  1. Navigate to "Pages" in your blog's dashboard.

  2. Click the "Visible" button.

Go to yourblog-url/newsletter to see how your page looks. This is how the Hashnode Townhall newsletter page looks:

Introducing the brand-new Hashnode Weekly

We reintroduced the Hashnode Weekly newsletter a few weeks ago. This newsletter is personalised and contains relevant articles and updates from Hashnode blogs and topics that you follow. We've had a lot of success with this newsletter, and we're doing our best to make it relevant for everyone in our community. Here's how it appears:

Every week, we highlight top community members and great writers on the platform to help them stay motivated. Keep an eye out because you could be next. If you haven't already, subscribe to Hashnode Weekly from your settings.

Additional updates

  1. A new section for the tags you follow — personalise your feed by removing tags you aren't interested in.

  2. New email alert for blog administrators whenever one of their team members submits a new draft. To manage these alerts, navigate to the "Alerts" section of the Blog dashboard.

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